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15 Steps to Take if There is a Chemical Emergency



If you hear a local public warning siren or your NOAA weather radio sounds an alert what you
do in the few minutes following could help protect you and your family from harm.

1. Stay calm.

2. Immediately turn on the TV or radio to a local station.

3. Don’t call 911 to ask questions (only use in an emergency).

4. If you are told to leave home do so immediately. Don’t stop to pack.

5. Only take things you really need such as medications.

6. Lock your doors & windows and head to the nearest designated shelter.

7. If you are told to stay inside, close all doors and windows.

8. Turn off all ventilation from the exterior such as heat and air conditioners.

9. Go into an interior room if possible and use plastic to seal windows, push towels
under doors. Do not go down into the basement unless instructed to do so.

10. Keep the TV or radio on to listen for further instructions.

11. If you think you are exposed to fumes, place a wet cloth or towel over your mouth and nose.

12. If you are driving, stay in your car, turn off the heater, air conditioner and close the
vents. Make sure you are driving away from the chemical release area.
13. Schools, childcare centers and health care facilities should have emergency plans in
place. It is usually best to keep your loved ones there for everyone’s safety.

14. You will know it is safe when you hear an “all clear” announced on the TV or radio.

Do not abandon these emergency procedures until you are told to do so by the authorities.

15. If you need special help talk to a neighbor or family member who lives close by.

Make sure that they can help in a chemical emergency