Why should I get involved in CERT?  

In the event of a catastrophic disaster you and your family, as well as your community, may be on your own for a period of time due to the size of the area affected.  Emergency services personnel will not be able to help everyone immediately because of the time it takes to set up and prepare an organized response to the disaster.  You, your family, and your community may need to rely on your own resources (food, water, medical treatment and shelter) for several days or longer.

You can make a difference by being prepared.


     CERT training prepares you to help yourself, your family, and your neighbors during these emergencies. During this course you will learn:
  • The fundamentals of preparedness
  • How to handle medical situations
  • How to find and remove victims from homes/businesses
  • How to deal with chemicals and small fires
  • How to mentally cope with disasters
  • How to respond to acts of terrorism

We are resuming CERT Training!!!

We have an updated curriculum that allows us to deliver the course in a more flexible format.  We will start with Introduction to Disaster Preparedness.  This class will provide the attendee with the basic knowledge necessary to take care of themselves and their family in case of disaster.  We are offering four sessions - August 10th and 19th, and September 7th and 16th.  Each session will start at 6:30 PM EDT and run about 2.5 hours long.  These sessions are ONLINE via Zoom meeting.

If you are interested in attending one of these sessions please send an email to training@kentcountycert.org specifying which session you wish to attend.  A confirmation email with Zoom meeting link will be sent out about one week before the class.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times!
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